Open, Distance and E-learning modes are open to International Students (Medium of Examination - English)

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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award, UK

Health and Safety at Work

dGlobal Training and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (dGTC) started in 2011, delivering NEBOSH IGC. Since then, a number of students have taken this professional certification.

The center is led by Mr. N. Devchandra Singh, CMIOSH, who has worked in India and the Gulf for 15 years and has been leading the center for 12 years. The center has a number of qualified and excellent tutors who are mostly CMIOSH and GradIOSH, working in senior positions in the profession in India and overseas.

As the method of delivery has been changed to virtual, physical attendance at the center is not required. At the same time, tutors can teach from anywhere on Zoom and other similar apps.

Who is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, a UK awarding organization offering professional qualifications in health, safety, and environmental management.

What are the courses offered by NEBOSH ?

NEBOSH offers a range of qualifications, starting with awards, certificates, diplomas, and master degrees in occupational safety, fire, and environmental domains.

How are NEBOSH courses delivered worldwide?

A network of accredited Learning Partners delivers NEBOSH courses and supports learners throughout their studies and assessments, helping to make NEBOSH qualifications accessible to people anywhere in the world.

How is the NEBOSH Certification valued ?

NEBOSH health, safety, and environmental qualifications are globally recognized and taken by people working in all types of industries, as well as national and local governments.

Is your Center recognized by NEBOSH?

Our center has been operating since 2011, and our center number is 823.

What are difference among Gold, Silver and Bronze?

They are in the center business category, there is no difference in the certificate you received.

What is the address of NEBOSH?

5 Dominus Way, Meridian
Business Park
Leicester, LE19 1QW, UK
Working hours – 8 am to 5 pm (Mon – Sat)

NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

This is an introductory qualification that looks into health and safety at the workplace. This is suitable for those who want to understand the principles of health and safety in their workplace, like team leaders, supervisors, and HR professionals, and want to take a career

What is HSW and what is a level?

This course is accredited the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) .
SCQF Level 5 is comparable to RQF/CQFW Level 2 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is the entry requirement for this course?

There is no specific requirement for this course; however, the standards of English should be equivalent to an International English Language Testing System score of 5.0 or higher in IELTS tests.

What do we recommend for admission to this course based on our experience?

We recommend a minimum that learners should have at least XII/HSC and English as one subject with a diploma in safety, fire, etc. Few years of experience in field be an advantage.
Leaners with the higher qualifications and experience mentioned above will be given preference.
However, in other cases, Pre-Learning Assessment (PLA) will be conducted by dGTC for admission these courses.

How do I fill out an application form?

Get a few documents ready, such as a recent passport photo, an Aadhar card or Pan card driving license or passport in color, a signature scan copy, a basic qualification marklist, and any safety-related certificate or diploma, if any. Then visit our website,, click apply now, follow the instructions, and fill out and submit. Alternative you send us all the above documents and we will register you.

Can I get the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award course schedule?

HSW/HSA examinations are arranged by the learning partner, so examination dates are announced by the learning partner. If you want to register through us, you need to have dates available with us. Please visit our website,

Can I take examinations in other languages?

NEBOSH- HSW/HSA are also available in few language but we are accredited only for English medium.

How will the fees be paid?

Once the application is accepted, an email with account details will be sent to you. Fees can be paid by various modes, including bank transfer and UPI. Credit card payment will attract, an extra 2%.

Your address for registration is important.

If you are outside India and want to appear for this course, while filling out the application, you must enter your present address from where you want to appear for this examination in addition to home address .

What course material will you provide?

We will provide you course materials produced by NEBOSH. These course materials are purchased from NEBOSH for each leaner for the course.

What is the course duration and examination?

As per syllabus, 18 hours of tutor-led class and 2 hours of self-study are required. So three days of class followed by 3 hours of examination on the next day.

How is it assessed?

After completing the course, the learners will be asked to complete a workplace health and safety review in a given format

  • Considers how health and safety are managed and how it could be done better.
  • Identifies health and safety issues present, how they are controlled, and if the risk can be reduced.
  • Selects the most important issue for improvement using moral, legal, and financial reasons.

Is attendance and home assignment are mandatory in this course?

Attendance and completing home assignment and mock examination are mandatory part of this course. Underperformance in the formative assessment will be taken seriously.

What are the deferment, transfer, refund, and cancellation procedures?

There are two stages of admission to the course
1. Leaners are enrolled in the course to dGTC after verifying necessary documents then course materials are provided and teaching proceeds as per schedule. At this stage the registration is with dGTC.
– If the leaner wants to cancel registration 5% administrative charge be deducted and balance will be refund. Deferment to any suitable date is possible. Transfer to any suitable leaner can be done.
2. Leaners are then registered for the examination towards the NEBOSH as per the date lines. At this stage the leaner is registered with NEBOSH.
– If a leaner wants to cancel then NEBOSH cancellation and refund will be applied. Details available on NEBOSH website under policies and procedures.

People with medical conditions, disabilities and learning difficulties or adverse circumstances

Leaners with any of the above conditions should speak to us personally before taking admission, so that certain arrangements under the NEBOSH guidelines can be granted with permission from NEBOSH. Temporary illness/injuries or circumstances arose at or near the time of assessment contact us to apply for special consideration to NEBOSH.

Pre-course, in-course and post-course information for registered leaners.

Once you are registered with us, we form a WhatsApp group and start communicating with you about the course, rather than speaking to everyone. This WhatsApp group will remain until the results are declared.
This will act as a very useful platform; learner can use their individual WhatsApp for personal communication.

Complaint and appeal procedures?

If the learner or potential learners are not happy with the level of service, you can write to us We will try to resolve the issues to our best level. If you are still not satisfied with the you can approach NEBOSH at However, if it is about an appeal of the result of examination then check the procedure under policies and procedure – Enquiry About Result (EAR) section.

How we answer your queries?

Minor questions relating to information available with us will be answered immediately or within 24 hours, while questions that require information from the NEBOSH or other awarding bodies will be answered in the next 48 hours. Further, the learner will be updated regularly on any information received from them. urther, the learner will be updated regularly on any information received from them.

What is the course fee and re-sit fee?

The course fee is Rs 15000/- for the few admissions and Rs 9000/- for the re-sit fee. There is no restriction on the number of attempts, but re-sit fee must be paid every time.

Joining instruction from our center.

Once you are registered, a Joining Instruction will be sent to your registered email address along with a number documents that contain almost every detail of the course. Leaners should become familiar with the information provided by NEBOSH.

Syllabus for NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

  • Element 1: Why and how you manage health and safety
      1.1: Moral, legal and financial reasons and benefits for managing health and safety/ 1.2: Managing health and safety consistently well/ 1.3: Auditing
  • Element 2: Dealing with common workplace hazards
      2.1: General workplace issues/2.2: Violence and aggression/2.3: Work-related stress/2.4: Hazardous chemicals and substances/2.5: Computers/ 2.6: Substance abuse/2.7: Electricity
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