Open, Distance and E-learning modes are open to International Students (Medium of Examination - English)

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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

Appeal and Complain Policy

1. Purpose:

dGlobal Training and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd  recognizes that sometimes things may go wrong for a student, who then wishes to make a complaint or an appeal. An appeal is specifically related to a matter of marking for example where a student does not agree with the marks awarded for a piece of assessed work. Other matters of concern, which are not related to marks, can be raised as a complaint, for example against a member of staff, a student, or about facilities. Awarding bodies also have their specific appeals and complaints procedures. Please refer below and to the relevant awarding body procedures


2. dGTC Appeals Procedure

Enable a students to enquire, question an assessment decision, attempt to reach agreement between the learner and the assessor at the earliest opportunity, standardize and record any appeal to ensure openness and fairness, facilitate a learner’s ultimate right of appeal to the Awarding Body with view to protect the interest of learners and integrity of the qualification.


Student will be informed of dGTC and the awarding body procedures for appealing an assessment decision during the introduction part of the course for each course like NEBOSH/IOSH/other courses. Learners can make an appeal directly through the NEBOSH website, procedure is available on the website, other leaners can also appeal through Learning Partner, where learning partner will make the appeal on behalf of the learner. Appeal will processed only when necessary fees are paid to NEBOSH or to the learning partner. If the appeal is made through the Learning Partner, this will be processed in 2 working days. The outcome to the appeal will be notified by the NEBOSH directly to learner and copy will be sent to Learning Partner. Director will also guide for further appeal procedures if the learner remain dissatisfied

 3. dGTC  Complaints Procedure

Students are encouraged to put up any dissatisfaction on the service provided by dGTC, this may discredit the Learning Partner and eventually the awarding body. dGTC is committed to resolve any complain at the earliest. The Complain may be related to any tutors, non-teaching staff, learners, facilities provided by us or other nature. Any staff member is expected to be approachable and should resolve things in the right manner and good intention. If the matter is serious for the informal approach, or it has been tried, but remains unresolved, then students/staff member should follow the formal complaints procedure in written (dgtc/format/16/rev 0 )

If complain does not resolved within the dGTC, learner can make a formal complain to the awarding body and these procedures are available on awarding bodies as well dGTC will provide them without any reservation. Policy is subject to annual review 

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