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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

Appeal Policy and Procedures

  1. Policy:

dGTC recognizes rights of learner to appeal against the decision of the awarding bodies in relation to their qualification. The awarding bodies such as NEBOSH and IOSH has their own appeal policy and procedures and as course provider we follow them.  dGTC also recognize supports the right of appeal by the students against the decision of outcome of the customized courses run by dGTC.

  1. Appeal for NEBOSH IGC/IG Course
    1. There are two types of appeals.
      1. Stage 1 – Review case by the NEBOSH
      2. Stage 2 – Consideration of case by independent reviewer (s)
    2. Appeals can be made for the following.
      1. Enquiries about result (EARs) policy and Procedures
      2. Access arrangement and reasonable adjustment
  • Special consideration
  1. Policy and procedures of suspected malpractice in the examination and assessments
  2. Unit validity extension certificate
  1. Learner can’t obtain a copy of their assessment, NEBOSH has no policy to give a copy of assessment to the learner upon application of fees which few awarding bodies, but rather can go for stage 2 appeal.
  2. A copy of NEBOSH appeal and Procedures and Complain procedures are provided as part of the joining instruction once the learner is registered for the course.
  3. Leaner are applicable for various appeals and applicable fees to be pai directly to NEBOSH by the learner.
  4. The details of the policy and procedures and application form are available under the under the NEBOSH policies and procedures.
  1. Appeal for IOSH Managing Safely Course
    1. As the assessment for the Managing safely courses are marked by the training provider assessor, if the delegate final in assessment can give another attempt in 20 days.
    2. If the delegate wishes to appeal against the marks awarded by the training provider, a four-stage process will be followed.
    3. dGTC will provide a copy of assessment paper in question to the learner/delegate.
    4. then dGTC will ask the leaner/delegate to write it to IOSH, enclosing the assessment paperwork, explaining the grounds for the appeal.
    5. Then IOSH will moderate the paper and will advise delegate in writing of its decision in ten working days. The decision of IOSH is final.
  1. Appeal for Customized Course conducted by the dGTC
    1. Candidate can appeal against the decision of the assessment to the Director in written.
    2. No fees will be charged for the appeal and decision will be made within 10 days from the appeal.
    3. Candidates will be given a copy of the assessment and the assessor who has marked the paper will be asked to clarify the requirement. The decision will be informed to candidates.
    4. If the candidate still not satisfied and made an appeal, the paper will be re-moderated from another examiner. The decision will be informed to candidates. The decision of the Director will be final.

This policy and Procedures will be reviewed annually in order to keep update with changes with awarding bodies and feedback from the leaner/candidate/delegate.

Updated 30/03/2024

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