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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

Complain Procedures

  1. Purpose: This document gives guidelines for lodging any complain by the learner/delegate/candidate of any courses and customers taking our services. Any dissatisfaction of information and services provided by the dGTC may discredit dGTC and awarding bodies.
  1. Scope: These procedures will be applicable to learner/delegate of NEBOSH IG and IOSH MS courses and other customized courses run by dGTC. The complain may be regarding the staff members, tutors/trainer, facilities and services provided by dGTC.
  1. When a formal complain may be raised: If the verbal complain are not resolved and the complainant remain unsatisfied then a formal complaint in writing may be lodged with director –
  1. What complaint and who is eligible for to lodge complain with dGTC

a)Learners/delegate who are currently studying in any of the course or availing services of dGTC can make a formal complaint in written.

b) Learner/delegate who have completed courses or customer to who have availed services from the dGTC.

c) Individual making enquiries for the courses or services offered by dGTC.

  1. To whom complain should be raised?

The Director (dGTC) will review all the complains and feedback and appropriate action will be taken to resolve them timely without any bias based on the facts.

  1. Complain format: The written complain should be made in the format which can be downloaded from the download section of the website. (XXXXXXXX)
  2. Approximate time to resolve complain: The minor complain will be resolve in 5 days and moderate one in 10 days and those requires input from other organization will be intimated to complainant in 15 days.
  1. How to escalate to awarding bodies:

a) Complain to NEBOSH about the Learning Partner

When you are dissatisfied with the dGTC regarding your complain and thinks that is is appropriate to escalate matter to NEBOSH. You can complain to NEBOSH with the evidence of correspondence with dGTC and reason for dissatisfaction. This can be made through mail to – or write

Customer Enquiry Team Leader


Dominus Way, Meridian Business Park
Leicester, LE19 1QW

Once the complain has been lodged to NEBOSH, it will dealt directly by the and more details one visit NEBOSH website -

b) Complain to IOSH

When you are dissatisfied with response and action of dGTC

Complaints from learners/whistle blowers about the service provided by our approved centres which allege malpractice or maladministration will be covered under the IOSH AO Malpractice and Maladministration Policy. Whistleblowing is if you are disclosing an issue that affects others, usually related to wrongdoing or misconduct and is covered under the IOSH AO Whistleblowing Policy.

Complaints should be made within one month of the occurrence or within 2 weeks of an unsatisfactory outcome of a complaint to a centre.

Where possible the IOSH AO will deal with complaints informally and may do so over the telephone. In such cases it will confirm in an email the action it will take. Sometimes a more formal approach is required and, in these cases, the complaint must be submitted in writing and give the reason for the complaint and expectations of the outcome as succinctly as possible. The complaint should either be emailed to or sent to:

The Operations and Quality Manager, IOSH Awarding Organisation Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, The Grange, Highfield Drive, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 1NN

The details how the IOSH will deal the complain made to them is given in

  1. Complain log : A complain log/register is maintained in format – dgtc/format/22/rev 0
  2. Custody and review of complain log: The complain log is updated by Administrative Officer as and when required and reviewed by Director on weekly basis.
  3. This policy and Procedures will be reviewed annually to keep update with changes with awarding bodies and feedback from the leaner/candidate/delegate.

Updated on : 30/03/2024

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