Open, Distance and E-learning modes are open to International Students (Medium of Examination - English)

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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

Engagement of Course Counsellor

  1. Course Counselor is not a permanent employee of dGTC, Pune does not have any legal rights of a permanent employees.
  2.  Your engagement as Course Counselor may be terminated by either party with a week’s notice with accounts settlement.
  3. Course Counselor are either voluntary or work on referral fees for course and service brought by them.
  4. Course Counselor cannot advertise our courses under of any other entity or organization and
  5. Course Counselor shall provide all the correct information as provided by dGTC in accordance guidelines laid down by the accredited bodies.
  6. The Course Coordinator will not make any false promise or try to influence the candidate with wrong information.
  7. dGTC will ensure that Course Counselor name is displayed on DGTC website, so that candidate is assured that they are approaching the right person.
  8. If the candidate wants information on the authenticity of the dGTC, should show all the relevant certificates and licenses displayed on our website or status on the awarding bodies.
  9. dGTC. The Course Counselor may fill the form on behalf of candidate or candidate may apply directly through the website. In both the cases reference column at the bottom be filled.
  10. dGTC will conduct a training program for what information to be shared with the candidate and how to fill the online application form and subsequent follow ups.
  11. Candidate may like to fill the form later in their own time after consultation with their family member/friends, in this case ask the candidate write reference whenever they are filling the form. This will make the traceability.
  12. Course Counselor liable for legal action and shall indemnify dGTC caused because of deliberate false information.
  13. dGTC will ensure through regular zoom meeting that all the course counselor are updated with current information from time to time. Attendance in this meeting is mandatory in order to remain you as Course counselor. This meeting will be held once in month or as the circumstance arises.


Last Update: 01/07/2024

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