Open, Distance and E-learning modes are open to International Students (Medium of Examination - English)

Transforming You to Protect People & Assets


Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)


dGlobal Training and Consultancy came into existence to mould one’s existing basic knowledge and skills into health and safety skills. Today, health, safety and environmental issues are taking momentum in every business. Every industries requires professional to take care of these issues.

We, at dGTC, aim to transform your existing knowledge and skills into health, safety and environmental protection skills, where you can be employed to protect people’s life, property, environment and other business losses. Whatever is your background does not matter as long as you have an appetite to learn, you can always find HSE jobs in your own field. We are not changing your area of expertise but utilizing the same to deal with HSE issues at workplaces of your interest.

The dGTC in association with other training partners is delighted to offer a range of health, safety and environmental courses. These courses have international certifications / accredited by appropriate awarding bodies of world-wide recognition.

We also conduct in-house training and competency trainings and assessments for craftsman involved in critical activities using best industries standards. The syllabi and assessments adopted shall be as par local requirements and reference to framework of UK standards.

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