Open, Distance and E-learning modes are open to International Students (Medium of Examination - English)

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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

Cancellation, Deferment,Substitution and Refund Policy

Last updated: March 06, 2021


We support rights of the learner/student to the request of cancellation/deferment/substitution of training and certification examination fees in certain circumstances.


  • Any cancellation, deferment, substitution  shall be made in writing in the prescribed form or visiting by visiting this page on our website:
  • There two stages of registration, one at centre’s level (with dGTC) then with respective awarding bodies (NEBOSH and IOSH).
  • If the learner/student is registered at centre’s level request of refund made 7 days before the course commencement, centre will refund deducting cost of the course materials including tax, foreign exchange makeup charges and centre administrative charges of 2000/-.
  • Learners/student are made aware of awarding body’s cancellation and refund policy & procedures. Awarding body’s policy and procedures are available on respective website ( and
  • If the learner/student is only registered at centre’s level the complete refund procedures is in the scope of dGTC whereas if the learner/student is subsequently registered to respective awarding bodies, then awarding body and dGTC refund policy will apply.
  • Purchase of course materials for these courses is compulsory as an awarding body’s requirement. Course materials once purchased can’t be returned, as new books are required to be issued to learner/candidates.
  • Substitution request well before course commences/registration whichever earlier, the complete fees paid can be transferred to substitute learner provided he/she is eligible for the course.
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