Open, Distance and E-learning modes are open to International Students (Medium of Examination - English)

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Open & distance, virtual and e-learning modes are open to international students (medium of examination - English)

dGTC NEBOSH Terms and Conditions for Learners


We support rights of the learner/student to the request of cancellation/deferment/substitution of training and certification examination fees in certain circumstances.

The application is online or digital; we are not accepting any hard copies of the application. The candidate should attach all the necessary documents, upload a passport photo (taken not more than six months ago), and sign them before submission.

Merely submitting an application does not guarantee admission to the course. The application will be reviewed by dGTC to check the eligibility. If it meets the criteria, a confirmation email will be sent to the candidate.

Any incomplete application, application without fees, fees not cleared before the due dates, or false information will be rejected.

It is very important to provide us with the correct details: email, contact number, name as appeared on the education certificate, passport, Aadhar card, etc.

Candidate’s transfer/Re-sit:
Candidates who were under malpractice sanction by NEBOSH or IOSH should disclose their details to enable us to give proper advice.

dGTC will not be held responsible if NEBOSH refuses to transfer a candidate from another center or refuses admission by NEBOSH or an awarding body for any reason.

Candidate who wishes to transfer from another course provider should follow the normal process of application with a mark list from the previous examination of the same course.

Course Fees:
The candidate should pay only when admission is confirmed, and bank details will be sent via email or WhatsApp.

Candidate should not pay fees to any personal account of the staff; dGTC is not responsible for any such transaction.

Candidates are advised to pay their fees from their personal account, their parents account, or a verifiable account.

Fee receipts will be issued to candidates upon receipt of payment, and dues should be paid before registration with NEBOSH, IOSH, or other awarding bodies.

NEBOSH -IG – Rs 45000/- (New) and Rs 13000/- (Re-sit)
NEBOSH – HSA/HSW – Rs 15000/- (New) and Rs 10000/ – (Re-sit)
NEBOSH – IVN – Rs 17000/- (New) and Rs 10000/- (Re-sit)
NEBOSH – EAW – Rs 15000/- (New) and Rs – 7000/- (Re-sit)
Discounts are available for early admission, group discounts, and referrals from alumni or friends.

Entry criteria:
The candidate applying for the NEBOSH course must have the necessary proficiency in English (i.e., an IELTS score of 6 or higher) and should have the capabilities to understand the intention of the course.

For NEBOSH and IOSH courses, we strongly recommend candidates have at least XII or higher secondary school in general or engineering or professional trade with a few years of experience in any workplace.

Learner’s commitment to learning:
The medium of teaching is English. Attendance is compulsory. We believe that the virtual class should have the same quality of teaching in face-to-face. If the leaners remain absent on medical ground or any emergency, they should inform course tutor/course advisor. The course advisor /tutors may arrange an alternative to make this portion.

Leaners are required to complete self-study prescribed under the guidance. The formative assessment is an important part of this course although not counted towards the examination. Learners are required take part in all formative assessments such group discussions, polls, surveys, homework, mock examination and feedback.

Poor attendance and failure to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in the formative assessment will be reported to NEBOSH and may affect your examination.

Candidates are supposed to open their cameras during the class unless the tutor allows it. You should choose a suitable place to attend these classes that will not distract you.

Timescale to answer your questions:
Minor questions relating to information available with us will be answered immediately or within 24 hours, while questions that require information from the NEBOSH or other awarding bodies will be answered in the next 48 hours. Further, the learner will be updated regularly on any information received from them.

Access arrangement Reasonable adjustment:
If candidates feel disadvantageous in taking the assessment, such as permanent or temporary disabilities, kindly let’s know so that we can provide access arrangements and reasonable arrangements as per the guidelines of NEBOSH.

If you face any problems, such as the deaths of family members or close ones, accidents, natural calamities, etc., on the day of the assessment, kindly let us know so that we can inform NEBOSH.

Cancellation and refund of fees:
If a candidate cancels admission before registration with NEBOSH whereas the course material is provided, then an administrative charge of Rs 2000/- will be charged. However, if the candidate wants deferment, no charges are applicable.

If the candidate wants to make a substitution in the same situation, then complete fees paid can be transferred to a substitute, provided he or she is eligible for the course.

If the candidate wants to cancel, when already registered with the NEBOSH and is due for examination, then NEBOSH cancellation procedures will be applicable. Then the candidate needs to apply to NEBOSH.

Appeal and complain procedures:
If candidate is unhappy or do not agree with the assessment of NEBOSH, IOSH course, there are procedures that you can directly rise appeal with them or we will help you to put them before them.

If candidate is dissatisfied with the services provided by dGTC, there is procedure to deal with them. dGTC has laid down an appeal and complain procedures.

Candidate may write an email to us or visit our website to lodge a complaint at or can call our office to lodge a complaint.


Last updated: March 30, 2024

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